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Junk Removal in Mandeville

Got Junk that needs to go in St Tammany, La?

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Residential Services

Trash and junk removal in Mandeville and Covington. Call today for a free estimate on our junk and debris removal services.

Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Removal

 If you have a tub that needs to be removed call Sirgo Bros Junk Service. We can remove it quickly and safely. Read more…



Yard Waste

Have Waste? Call in the professionals today. We offer friendly service and tree and lawn trimmings pickup.

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Estate Cleanout

Foreclosure and estate cleanups are a specialty. If you have a home that has leftover furniture pieces or junk left behind from a tenant or owner call today for a free quote on our services.

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Construction Waste

If you’re in the middle of a remodel or new construction project building debris piles up quickly.Call today for a free estimate for your construction debris removal.

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Furniture / Mattress

If you have furniture or mattresses that need to be removed from your home give us a call today. We will be glad to give you a free estimate right over the phone.

Who are We?


Sirgo Bros is proud to service the North shore of New Orleans. We are a local family-owned and operated company. We offer many different services that help both residential and commercial clients. From same day junk removal to estate clean-outs. Whether you have clutter that needs to be removed or furniture that needs to be donated, or recycled call today. We do our best to work with our customers to make sure that all of their junk, refuse, and household items are disposed of properly. We take pride in everything that we do including  responsible recycling practices. We know that if you choose our junk services you will not be disappointed. For a free estimate book an appointment today or fill out a contact form and we will be sure to respond back to you promptly. When talking to our attendant make sure to ask about our $99 junk removal special!

“To leave the world better than you found it, sometimes you have to pick up other people’s trash”

 Bill Nye

Meet the new junk king!

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Garbage Collection Service

Professional Service

 We can assure you is that whatever job you may have Sirgo Bros has a solution for you. You can rely on us to complete the job no matter what it is. From furniture removal services to structure demolition we’ve got you covered. Check out our most popular services. 

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Clutter Hauling in Mandeville La

Things in this life can become crazy. Why make our garbage collection service more complicated than it needs to be. If it is no longer needed or is just getting in the way it may be time to throw it away. And that is where we come in. No matter what it is give our team a call and we will give you a price to get rid of it. Call today.  You will not be disappointed.

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Spa Removal

Large items can be difficult to move. This includes spas, pools, decks, and fences. not only can they be difficult but they can cause a safety hazard when trying to remove and properly. Trust the pros at Sirgo Bros to the job done quickly and within your budget. If you need a large item removed fill out a contact form today and book a consultation.

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Dumpster Rental

We love DIYers. We work with a group of awesome entrepreneurs that offer junk removal dumpster rental service for your construction project. If you have a small project that needs to be done and you would like a dumpster or dump trailer dropped at your location call our technicians today to schedule a drop-off. Our technicians will make sure that you receive the correct size dumpster to meet your needs.

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Furniture Removal

Getting new furniture is an awesome feeling. The problem is you have to dispose of your furniture first before your new pieces can be delivered. That is where we come in. Call the day before your new furniture is delivered and will make sure you have room for that new awesome furniture.

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Mattress Removal

Mattresses can be bulky and heavy. Also, they are very difficult to move unless you have a large enough vehicle to move them. It is much easier to call a service compan to have your mattress and box springs removed. We make sure that they are properly disposed of and wind up in the correct place. Call today for your free estimate on your mattress removal servivce.

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Structure Removal

If you have a large structure or item that needs to be removed give us a call today. Our team of members is skilled and removing small structures such as sheds, decks, pools, and fences. These items can be difficult to move and when torn down leave lots of dangerous material behind. We recommend calling  the pros today for a free estimate on your structure removal project.

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How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?

Getting rid of junk does not need to be difficult. homeowners and business owners are usually left with just a couple of options for junk removal. If you have a vehicle or a trailer you can always haul it yourself to the local landfill or dumpsite. Dumpster rental is always an option if you have the ability to load your things on your own. If you have metal you may be able to find someone that offers free junk removal although absolutely free junk removal is difficult to come by. And finally, there is the option of hiring a junk pick-up pro. All of these options come with upsides and down. Hiring a specialist requires the least amount of time and commitment All it takes is a call to Sirgo Bros and your junk will be gone without you having to lift a finger. Hiring Sirgo Bros saves you not only time but also money. Give us a call today. We would love to help you with your hauling project.

We Make Junk Dissapear

If you’ve made it all the way down to this section you’ve probably read more than you wanted to read about junk removal. But now that we’ve got your attention trust that if you call our team you’ll be making a good decision. See why we are the top rated service company in the St Tammany area and have a five-star rating on Google on all our junk removal jobs.We take that junk and trash that is lying around your home and make it disappear. Trust that when you hire the team that your job will be taken care of and that you will receive prompt and skillful waste management service.

Junk Removal For the Professionals

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Junk Removal in Mandeville


If you are a realtor we want to work with you. We love working with real estate. We know what it is like to inherit a home that needs to be emptied. Whether it is a foreclosure or an estate sale we have you covered. We can handle entire house clean-outs. We work close with the realtors and brokers to make sure that the job gets done on time and in a professional manner.


Contractors love working with Sirgo Bros Junk Removal. We make sure that their projects stay clean from refuse, scrap, and dangerous materials that could harm their employees and homeowners. We work closely with contractors to make sure that scheduled pickups are done on time every time. Our team of pros will work closely with project managers to make sure that jobs are done promptly and profecient every time. 

construction debris removal in Mandeville
Rental clean-out in mandeville


If you own a rental property then you know what it’s like when a tenant leaves furniture and clutter behind. We find that tenants love to keep our number on speed dial. All it takes is a quick call and all of that crap can be removed quickly and promptly. So that you can rent your house again quickly. We know that time is money and make every effort to do our best to fit everyone’s needs. To get a free estimate on our services, we recommend filling out a quote form or call today.


If you have a house that is filled with trash or refuse give our team a call. We specialize in cleaning out homes of hoarders. We will organize the clean-out from beginning to end and make sure that it is ready for repair or listings. If you have a home that fits these descriptions give us a call today and we’ll set up a walk-through. You can trust Sirgo Bros Junk Removal Service to take care of all of that junk right away in a professional manner. Book a free walk-through today.

hoarder home clean-outs in Mandeville

Garage Clean-outs

Unfortunately, plenty homeowners are in the same situation. They can’t resist bringing home more stuff and clutter despite having a full garage because it’s so hard to dispose of what they already have! Whether you’re paralyzed by how much there is or don’t know where to begin, Our experienced and friendly service will give your project top priority while taking care not to harm any precious items with careful attention and proper technique for removing all your unwanted junk, boxes, toys, and clothes from your garage.

Attic Clean-outs

Attics are a great place to store things, but often they an easily turn into an overstuffed storage unit.
When an attic becomes this way it’s hard for people to pull their stuff out of the attic and back in their home. The clutter just piles on top of itself and makes it difficult for anyone to move around or find anything stored inside.
Sirgo Bros Junk Removal is here to help with that problem! We will come out and remove all your junk from the attic so you don’t have any more issues getting items back up there again later on down the road.

Commercial Clean-outs

Hiring a mover stinks, and throwing away your junk is expensive.
When you move it’s hard to throw away stuff because you don’t want to get charged for the discarding of something that could be useful in the future. But then when you try to donate things, they won’t take everything even though some of it still has value. And trying to list all this stuff on Craigslist or eBay is a pain!
Sirgo Bros will come out and do a full office clean-out for just $100/hour plus disposal costs – no hidden fees ever! We’ll remove all furniture from any floor level space (even if we have to climb upstairs), haul off anything that can be recycled, donate what we can, and sell whatever else we find interesting at our local flea market. If you’re not ready yet, but know that someday soon you will need help with an office clean-out service call or email us.

Storage Unit Clean-outs

It’s really nice for home and business owners alike to have the comfort of a storage unit. You can store items in there that take up too much room in your home or office. And if you love organizing, this is perfect because it gives you an opportunity to organize all those dusty boxes! Or maybe you are relocating soon and need some extra space while waiting on movers? Storage units also work well as mobile toolboxes full of tables, racks, benches – whatever tools will make the job happen more quickly with less hassle; just fill them up and grab what ya need when needed without having everything cluttering around at different job sites. Yep, we all eventually just have our storage unit filled with stuff we no longer want… but when all these points are exhausted it might be time to clean out your junk! Call today for a free storage unit clean-out estimate.

Office Clean-outs

If you need to have your office cleaned or cleared of junk and clutter, look no further than our crew. Let us do all the heavy lifting, loading, and hauling. Oh, yea and let us do it all for an awesome price! Sirgo Bros is perfect for all your office clean-out  service needs. We remove all unwanted items & clutter, clean and sweep all floors and walls. Whatever it is that you need to be cleaned, we can handle it.

When you move offices, there is usually a lot of stuff that ends up being thrown away. When we moved to our new office building, I had lots of desks and chairs from the last place that ended up in the dumpster! It feels like when you are moving into your first apartment–you rid yourself of all sorts of junk as soon as possible because it’s more than likely going to end up gathering dust later on anyways.


Apartment Clean-outs

Have you ever wished there was a way to rid your apartment of all the clutter and junk? Well, if so then we have just what you need. We are excellent cleaners who will come into any cramped space in order for it to be as neat and clean as possible once again! Give us a call today or send an email with questions about how this process works.

Frustration comes along with having more stuff than can fit comfortably in our apartments. The frustration typically takes over quickly due to not being able to find anything when needed most among other things. Because no person likes these struggles, people turn their attention towards getting back on track by hiring professional help such as ours from Sirgo Bros Junk!

Construction Debris Removal Service

Sirgo Bros is the solution to your construction debris removal needs! Do you need some help removing that pile of junk from in front of your house? We work with homeowners and businesses alike. Our team will take care of everything, so don’t worry about a thing. The process is simple: just pick up the phone or book online NOW for same day service at no extra cost (available 6 days/week).

Carpet Removal and Demo Service

What do people dread when they have to remove carpet? The answer, of course, is getting down on their hands and knees with a crowbar in hand. That’s why our crew stays standing while we tear out your rug for you! We’re not only trained and educated where it comes to removing carpet but also know how annoying this can be.

Our team is the top option for carpet removal, no matter what. Whether you have ripped it up and rolled it up already and just need it hauled away, or you need the entire project completed from A to Z, we can assist you. The Sirgo Bros guys are trained and educated in removing carpet.

Play-set Removal

Play-sets are a fun way to keep kids entertained during the summer months, but what do you do with them once they outgrow their use?

The large problem for some parents is that children will grow tired of playing on it after awhile. Play-sets also have an expiration date and eventually there’s no good reason to hold onto it long past its best-by date. To have these sets removes safely and quickly call Sirgo Bros for a free pick up estimate today.

Trailer Rental

If you’re like most people, you don’t enjoy the idea of cleaning up your home or garage. But when it comes to refuse removal, there’s no way around it.
Most people have a hard time deciding what they want to keep and what they need to get rid of – but that doesn’t mean that we can just throw everything away! There are things in our homes that still hold value and could be reused or recycled. Plus, it’s better for the environment if we reuse items rather than throwing them out.
That’s where our team helps with its dumpster and trailer rental services! We provide clean-out solutions for both residential and commercial properties at an affordable price so you don’t have to worry about getting rid of all your stuff yourself! Our team will come by on your schedule and take care of all the heavy lifting.

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 Junk Pick up Service in 4 Easy Steps

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How much does "Got" junk removal cost?

“1-800-GOT-JUNK” is a junk removal company that rates prices in the $100-$950 range, according to Home Advisor (1). This price ranges from low and reasonable for people with smaller amounts of trash at their homes but high if you have more junk or live outside of an urban area where the company operates.



How do I get rid of junk for free?

Donations – you can donate clothes or goods to Salvation Army, Goodwill, or your local shelter.
Local Waste Management – Your city may have a recycling program for metal or electronic waste, so it’s worth checking their website to see what services are available in your city and how they could save you money on scrapping metal.
Scrapers – Check Craigslist and Facebook groups of craigslist-scrappers for scrapers who take material. If all else fails, call up salvage yards and ask about taking materials without charge.”
Free FB – Scroll through the timeline highlights of people from nearby towns where you might have friends with connections to collectors who accept unwanted items at no cost. Sometimes they only want old books

How much does it cost to remove junk from a house?

Hauling away junk is not a cheap service. In fact, it can range anywhere between $70 and $570 with most homeowners paying around the average of about $150 to 350 or 1.5 dollars per cubic foot. A single-family home will pay about 210 for this service while a business might spend 500 on getting rid of their junk – you better get more than one estimate if you’re planning on hiring out!

What does GOT JUNK not take?

1-800-GOT JUNK is a convenient way to get rid of your unwanted junk. They’ll take most items as long it can be lifted by no more than two people and isn’t hazardous material (like paint, chemicals, or oil drums). Hazardous materials are anything that might release toxic fumes into the air like asbestos -they won’t pick up any old cars for you either.

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There are an abundance of reasons why people choose to hire a junk hauling service company. Choosing the right junk company can be a blessing but choosing the wrong company can also be a curse. Make sure that you are choosing a company that has ethical practices and keeps your needs and the environment’s needs close to their heart.

Our client-centric approach ensures We are the most reputable junk service companies in the area. Our staff is always ready and waiting to make sure that every need of our clients is met. We also work closely with residential and commercial clients to make sure that all the material is taken care of. We guarantee that Your junk will be disposed of properly and ethically. Fill out the form to the left to obtain a free estimate on your removal needs. Check out our map listing and google site for more information.

        Locations Covered

        Looking for “junk removal near me”? We are happy to cover a lot of ground to take care of our clients. We know how stressful it can be to have junk that needs to be removed. You can trust we get the job done promptly and correctly.

        Mandeville junk removal


        Serving the entire area to handle all your debris hauling needs.

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        That’s right we travel to Madisonville and beyond. Call now for all your removal needs.

        Mandeville junk removal 1


        Covington and its neighboring cities are in an economic boom. Sirgo Bros Service is here to serve.

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        Abita Springs junk removal

        If you need friendly service in Abita Springs we are the company for you. Call today for a free estimate.

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        Lacomb trash hauling

        Yes we travel to Lacomb Call today.

        Mandeville junk removal 2

        Bush , La

        If you live in Bush, La. You may not want to take the time to haul away trash and refuse. Contact our team for a free service estimate.

        Neighborhoods Serviced

        • Autumn Place
        • Autumn Wind
        • Beatty Acres
        • Beau Chene
        • Beau Pre
        • Beau Rivage
        • Beau West
        • Blythe
        • Deer Run
        • Deerfield
        • Deval
        • Emerald Pines
        • Fountainbleau
        • Forest Brook
        • Forest Park
        • Grande Maison
        • Greenleaves 
        • Greenleaves Pines
        • Heatherstone
        • Heritage Hts
        • Hidden Places
        • Hunters Glen
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        • Laurel Wood
        • Lazy Creek 
        • Lewisburg
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        • Litolf
        • Marigny Trace
        • Mariners Island
        • Meadowbrook
        • Rosedown
        • Brentwood
        • Carriage House
        • Carriage Lane
        • Castine Point
        • Causeway Gardens
        • Chateau Village
        • Cherry Creek
        • Chinchuba

        We used Sirgo Bros Service to remove some old furniture and being. They did a great job and showed up on time. I will definitely be using them again soon. 


        I had a shed removed by this company. They did a wonderful job and left my lawn and home free from leftover junk and trash. Best of all that answered the phone every time I called.

        Julie K

        What can I say 5 stars all around. Don’t take my word for it call them today and find out for yourself. I am sure you will not regret doing so. The team were skillful and on-time. Awesome Service!

        Joe B

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        Sirgo Bros serves the entire Northshore of New Orleans. Call today for all your waste management needs.

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